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Welcome to Maxi Milliyan Exports – Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Garment Dyeing. At Maxi Milliyan Exports, we believe in a future where fashion and environmental care go hand in hand. Our state-of-the-art dyeing processes not only bring vibrancy to our garments but also ensure a significantly lower environmental footprint. Join us on a journey of color, quality, and conscience.

Discover the Colors of Innovation. Our advanced dyeing technology ensures deep, long-lasting colors while using less water and energy. We prioritize non-toxic dyes, ensuring safety for our workers and customers alike. Each Maxi Milliyan Exports garment is a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices.

Color Your World with Maxi Milliyan Export's Revolutionary Eco-Dyeing!

Step into the Future of Fashion with Maxi Milliyan Exports! Our innovative dyeing technology isn’t just about stunning colors – it’s a commitment to a greener, brighter world. Experience the blend of art, science, and sustainability in every fiber.

In Tirupur, India, Maxi Milliyan Exports is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of T-shirts. We are Tirupur’s most successful manufacturer of clothing. Fabrics of the highest possible quality are used to make our items. We produce high-quality, long-lasting raw materials that are also cost-effective. The most recent machinery is used to make our products, which are well-stitched. Maxi Milliyan Exports offers t-shirts in exotic designs and colors to meet the needs of customers.

Our Mission

Redefining Dyeing, One Garment at a Time. At Maxi Milliyan Exports, we’re not just dyeing fabrics; we’re breathing life into them with eco-friendly practices that respect our planet. Our mission? To deliver fashion that feels good, looks amazing, and honors the earth.

Our Eco-Friendly Process

Behind Every Hue, A Greener Method. From ocean blues to sunset oranges, our colors burst with vibrancy while minimizing environmental impact. We use less water, eco-conscious dyes, and energy-efficient methods, ensuring our planet stays as colorful as our garments.

Mens & kids Form


Q: Will Maxi Milliyan Exports take mass corporate t-shirt producing orders?

A: Yes, we take large orders for corporate t-shirts for schools, colleges, and businesses. On time, we deliver high-quality t-shirts.

Q: Can Maxi Milliyan Exports make me a T-shirt that is made just for me?

A: According to client necessities we fabricate in different varieties, plans, sizes, and fittings to supply in a few nations all over the planet. Orders for customized corporate t-shirts in bulk are taken, and they are manufactured and supplied at the right time.

Q:How much time Mens Full Sleeve T-Shirt manufacturers take time to deliver an order?

A:As per customer requirements we manufacture in various colours, designs, sizes and fittings to supply in several countries around the world. Customized bulk Mens Full Sleeve T-Shirt orders are taken and manufacture and supply at exact timing.

Q: how good will the T-shirts be?

A: We produce high-quality t-shirts using high-end fabrics, exotic colors, and raw materials made entirely of cotton. Therefore, the final product will be a premium quality t-shirt suitable for large orders.

Q: What kinds of T-shirts are there?

A: For men, women, and kids, we produce Printed T-Shirts, Full-Sleeve T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, V-neck T-Shirts, Corporate T-Shirts, and Sports T-Shirts.

Q: What are the payment modes acknowledged at Maxi Milliyan Exports?

A: Maxi Milliyan Exports acknowledge cash and net banking is accessible

Q: How would I book a t-shirt request on the web?

A: By providing information such as name, email, mobile number, t-shirt style, quantity, and address, anyone can place an online bulk t-shirt order.

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