Women's V Neck T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur, India.

Women's V Neck T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur, India.

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In Tirupur, India, we are suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters, and manufacturers of women’s V-neck t-shirts. We are the best Tirupur manufacturer of women’s V-neck t-shirts made from 100% cotton raw materials and high-quality fabrics in exotic colors. We export women’s V-neck t-shirts in a variety of styles, including women’s round-neck t-shirts, women’s V-neck t-shirts, and women’s plain t-shirts. The best Tirupur, India-based manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of women’s V-neck t-shirts is Maxi Milliyan Exports.

Our manufacturing facility in Tirupur is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by a skilled workforce. This ensures that every women’s V-neck t-shirt that bears the Maxi Milliyan Exports name is a testament to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We understand the importance of timely delivery and customer satisfaction, which is why we have not only established ourselves as manufacturers but also as reliable exporters, reaching customers worldwide.



FABRIC : Cotton & Poly-Cotton
SIZES Small | Medium | Large | Extra Large
STYLE Round Neck | V Neck | Full Sleeve
SPECIAL : Bio Washed
MOQ : 80 pcs * above in single color/style

SHIPMENT In 10 – 15 business days



Bulk Orders

Tirupur, India's best manufacturer of t-shirts is Maxi Milliyan Exports. Each mass request will be followed through on time with the best quality.

Best price

By industry standards, we offer special discounts on bulk orders.


Fabrics are long-lasting and of high quality.

On Time Delivery

Fine items will be followed through on time with the best quality.

Womens & Uniform T-shirt Form

Women V Neck T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Maxi Milliyan Exports is the best Women’s T-shirt manufacturer and provider in Tirupur, India. We manufacture t-shirts of the highest possible quality using high-quality fabrics and expertly crafted designs. We fabricate t-shirts for men, women, and kids in the most popular trend pattern. Our women’s t-shirts are made with the best cotton fabrics and a one-of-a-kind design that guarantees a comfortable fit and a distinctive style.

We manufacture a high solid scope of the T-shirt, which is accessible in different sizes like small, medium, Large, XL, and XXL. We are the driving piece of garment manufacturer, provider, and exporter of quality cotton t-shirts in Tirupur. We have different sorts of women’s t-shirts which are comprised of 100% quality cotton yarns, styles, and configurations as per the customer’s requirements.

Women V Neck T-Shirt Exporter in Tirupur

Best women’s T-shirt exporter in Tirupur, We assemble and manufacture excellent t-shirts all over the world. Our items are comprised of premium-quality cotton textures and unrefined substances. We send out fine quality women’s t-shirts to different nations and everywhere. In Tirupur, India, we are a major manufacturer and exporter of clothing.

Women V Neck T-Shirt Supplier in Tirupur

In Tirupur, India, we are the best supplier of women’s t-shirts. Professional fashion designers and their respective teams create our t-shirts. We supply women’s t-shirts made of pure cotton of high quality not only in India but also internationally. According to customers’ requirements, we fabricate in different varieties, plans, sizes, and fittings to supply in a few nations all over the planet. Altered mass women’s t-shirt orders are taken for production and supply at precise timing. For trendy women’s t-shirts, we use both traditional screen printing and digital printing.

The best wholesale t-shirt manufacturers and suppliers in Tirupur, India, are Maxi Milliyan Exports. We make a t-shirt for Men, Women, and Kids as Men t-shirt Wholesale, Women t-shirt Wholesale, Kids t-shirt Wholesale, Sports Men t-shirt Wholesale, Occasion Men t-shirt Wholesale, School Men t-shirt Wholesale, School Men t-shirt Wholesale, Uniform Men t-shirt Wholesale, Corporate Men’s t-shirt Wholesale, Plain Men’s t-shirt Wholesale, Printed Men’s t-shirt Wholesale, Realistic Men t-shirt Wholesale, Round Neck Men t-shirt Wholesale, Slipover Men t-shirt Wholesale, Long Sleeve Men t-shirt Wholesale, Half Sleeve Men t-shirt Wholesale, Plan Men t-shirt Wholesale, Polo Men t-shirt Wholesale.


Q:Will bulk orders for women's V-neck t-shirts be accepted by Maxi Milliyan Exports?

A:Yes, we take large orders for Women's V-neck t-shirts for corporate, college, and other occasions. On time, we deliver high-quality t-shirts.

Q:How long do the women's V-neck t-shirt manufacturers take to deliver an order?

A:According to customer’s requirements we fabricate in different varieties, plans, sizes, and fittings to supply in a few nations all over the planet. Redone mass Women Slipover t-shirt orders are taken and production and supply at careful timing.

Q:How much time Women V neck t-shirt manufacturers take time to deliver an order?

A:We promise to deliver the finished product within the allotted time frame.

Q:How good will the V-neck t-shirts for women be?

A:We manufacture quality t-shirts with premium-level textures, fascinating varieties, and 100% cotton unrefined components. Therefore, the final product will be a top-notch t-shirt suitable for large orders.

Q:What kinds of T-shirts are there?

A:For men, women, and kids, we manufacture Printed T-Shirts, Full-Sleeve T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, V-neck T-Shirts, Corporate T-Shirts, and Sports T-Shirts.

Q:How would I book a t-shirt request on the web?

A:Maxi Milliyan Exports acknowledge cash and net banking is accessible.

Q:How do i book a t-shirt order through online?

A:By providing information such as name, email, mobile number, t-shirt style, quantity, and address, anyone can place an online bulk t-shirt order.

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